On December 3rd 2020 In an effort to inspire others and uplift others I successfully hosted a Beautiful People Vogue Challenge on instagram that went worldwide. It was a challenge to inspire people to represent their own inner beauty through the dance of Vogue.

Challengers had the option to vogue to Beautiful People by Chris Brown or Go to “Jamal Milan” on SoundCloud to use the "Beautiful People Vogue Challenge remix" to make a video to. I wanted people to do what they felt was Face with Performance. This challenge was not based on physical appearance. I was not looking for people to be perfect or anything. I just wanted people to vogue showcasing their Face by creating a story from their inner beauty showing the world different peoples interpretations of Face with Performance.

There was a total of 70 challengers from all over the world making it this challenge a viral success! BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE have accepted from; Spain, South Korea, Taiwan, Zurich Switzerland, Romania, Norway, Canada, Russia, Japan, NY USA, Costa Rica, Italy, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, California USA, Virginia USA, Prague Czech Republic, Belarus, the Philippines, the Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Budapest, London, France and New Jersey USA. 

To thank all of the challengers for participating so I compiled a video with a compilation of clips from each challenger all around the world. 

Here is a link to Beautiful People Vogue Challenge remix by Icon Jamal Milan & DeeJayRan