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Why I Fell In Love with VOGUE?

The first time I fell in love with "vogueing"?

Hmmm, I was at a vogue contest held in Manhattan, NY at Midtown 43 in the year 1987. The first person to come out was Ronald Lamay. I was amazed by his ability to move his arms and hands so fast around his body making snake like designs while popping his arms and body like a robot without error. He wore alot of rings on his fingers and they reflected off of the club lights when he vogued, it was hott! Next was Jerome Pendavis and that's when I fell in love with vogueing overall. He had on a sweater that flowed around his arms and some tight jeans but he moved in them with ease. Coming out like Spiderman rolling into neck breaking poses, cartwheeling into spilts while spinning and moving his body quickly with his arms strong with precision. He slid quickly into a straddle split and crawled down the runway while remaining in the split using his legs and ankles. His arms were amazing as he would twirl them fast around and in front of his body with sharp strength and power while making crazy designs with his hands. "Spiderman" is the only way I can try to describe his body movements, overall abilities and poses when he vogued. Needless to say there were other people that walked but Grand Prize went to Jerome. Then it was time for the Team Performance part of the vogue contest. Ronald and Jerome came out to "You Used to Hold Me" (Bonus Beats) and the combination of their vogue styles complimented each other so well that they looked like 1 person with 4 arms. Ronald would be in the back quickly moving his arms and hands into shapes and poses as Jerome would be squatted down (like Spiderman) in front twirling his arms with strength and precision making shapes with his hands as they touched each other, went in between and around each other always staying in sync with each others movements and the beat of the music. They did a move on the floor and ended it as they were both curled up as Ronald was spooning Jerome and they both closed their eyes like they were peacefully sleeping when the music stopped and everyone went beserk!! It was like a well rehearsed dance routine but all of it was pure vogueing talent. That was incredible to me! They, of course, won Grand Prize for Team Performance.

On another night, Jason Ovahness was there and he stole the show winning Grand Prize with his grace and B-Boy vogue style. He usually wore a hooded sweat shirt over his head with a pair of shades and some jeans or sweatpants as his signature. He moved graceful, precise and masculine and was also known for his backwards crab walk down the runway. Sometimes he even looked like a soldier that was coming to get you with is Oldway strut as he catwalked down the runway. Although he would move slow and graceful at times he would wind up in these crazy complicated breakdancer neck dip poses and you would never see it coming. How he would go into his neck breaking dips and his overall grace is what kept me in awe whenever he was on the floor. He always looked like he knew what he was doing in his movements by his grace, poise and precision. The crowd would go wild whenever his name was called or he hit the runway! I also loved to see him vogue to the song "Bango" too. Seeing his vogue techniques took me to another level all together.

Knowing that I was already in love with Jerome's vogueing skills, I saw Jason's moves and techniques and knew I wanted to be the spin off of those 2 people combined with my own vogue style. 

Jamal Milan